The client wanted to make something very-fast and also to be cute, to have a simple presentation of products, to use the brand colors and also to put in focus the motivational skin care products.

The products where developed in a very special way, the products could be dragged off with mouse to see more details on the products behind. Simplicity is the key to easy-read and also it was the key to this successful project.


  • Avon Moldova


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Team Management

This platform is purely designed in HTML|CSS|Javascript. We used good quality images, and purely CSS beauty tricks, which helped this Beauty Platform to flourish. All materials where originals and nothing copied from other sources. We used Javascript for some animations and for pre-loading the images.

The client wanted to have very fast a very simple platform with a big products on-screen for boosting the sales of new motivational program targeted for it’s clients. The development took 1 day, fully operational platform was in place with banners and images. We added the Google Analytics in back-end. We had some surprisingly results.


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