our social program

10% of every income that we are making from delicious websites goes directly to development of social platforms

investment to future

Become and investor and co-funding partner, when you order a development website from our agency, we are directly transfer 10% of income to an ongoing social project in order to construct a better world for small cities.

volunteer program

We are allocating our Sunday and Holiday time in a free volunteer program for 2-3 hour per week in developing the social projects. We are open to students, programmers, developers or any other people to on-board into our volunteer programs.

working with Public Authorities

Every social project are in strictly accordance with local laws and reglementations with public authorities. Current project that targets local transport transition was being presented to General Direction of Public Transport in 2017 and was successfully approved by General Director.

We work for you
by working with you.

Our Progress

mapping stations 80%

Currently, we’ve mapped around 365 public transport stations around the city Chisinau. Also we are heading to add to map stations from outer circle of Chisinau like Stauceni, Truseni, Sangera, Codru and many more regions.

mapping trolleybuses 70%

We are currently focusing on mapping in Google Transit more ecological transport – the trolleybuses. The RTEC which is local authority for electric buses are currently managing over 36 routes in the city.

mapping buses - 1%

Currently, we didn’t start to map the buses yet, as there are also some changes in near future on the local bus schedule, so we are focusing all available resources to ecological transit public transportation first.

completed routes - 1

For now, we just tested one route for trollebus nr.2, there were also some problems with stops and average transport speed, we are solving some of the problems.

public landing page - 10%

Some of our brainiacs whished that we should need a special landing page for all the data for routes, which will be good for future mobile GPS development. Situation: in construction.

Our partners